Calvin Brown

- Facility Manager:
Cahaba Heights -
- Master Trainer -
- Master Instructor -

About Me

I grew up in a small town named Epes, Alabama surrounded by my family cows and horses.  Growing up in that environment gave me an enormous respect and love of animals.
After graduating from high school I moved to Birmingham to attend UAB and study finance.  Although I had a passion for finance it was not where my heart was, instead I had an unyielding passion to work with dogs. 
After securing a play staff position with Creative Dog Training in July 2005 I was able to begin a journey that has completely changed my life. 

My Pets

I share my home with 1 dog, Diva, a 2-year old-Rottweiler.  I'm a true believer that all dogs are in our lives to teach us something about ourselves.  I have been blessed to own dogs that have taught me compassion, persistence, and maybe the most important patience.

Why I Love CDT

The reason I love being with Creative Dog Training is I am given the opportunity daily to exercise my passion for working with dogs and educating others on the craft of training dogs.  I am always in awe on how blessed I am to have realized my passion and have the opportunity to share it with others everyday.