Dog destroying my couch pillows! And more…

Despite taking him to the dog park every morning for an hour (he always comes home tired and panting), and providing him with peanut butter kong and about 20 different types of toys and chews, he still ends up ripping apart my couch pillows after I leave for work. I have a petcam, so I can watch him, and when I leave he usually just eats his kong for about 30 minutes to an hour, but after that he goes between napping and destroying things. Last week he destroyed a house plant. I do my best to keep things out of reach, but he had never even looked at the house plant prior to that day, so I never thought he'd destroy it. I know to put all shoes out of the way because he will definitely eat shoes, but he's also chewed my base boards and managed to retrieve one of my TV remotes from a counter and chew that up. Help!!!

What I’ve Tried…

I put most things away, but it seems like every day it's something new. I've tried spraying bitter apple spray on my pillows as a detterant but it doesn't seem to be working. He is quarantined to only my small living area and kitchen (I live in a 1 bedroom apartment) and he gets lots of exercise in the morning, along with a peanut butter kong to keep him occupied. He has more toys and chews that any other dog on the planet I'm pretty sure, but he mostly ignores them during the day.
posted on May 15, 2017
Laura Cunningham

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Crate training your dog would eliminate this problem.  Creative Dog Training has podcasts to guide you.

Kellee Nelson on June 13, 2017

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