fear of strangers

I adopted a dog from pound , they stated she gave kiss ,cuddled ,loves people. She loved every one at the shelter & people that held her. She came from 3 different pounds out of state. She is scared of people , not socialized will not let any one near her. She barks & growls & hair stands up. She will not go pee for up to 10-15 hour do to fear. she sees a person blocks away so barks loud. I walk away from them & she walks backwards to watch them where they go. Even when out of sight she looks for them.

What I’ve Tried…

Slowly got her use to me and area. use a lot of treats , but she fixates on people will not acknowledge the treat. Tried having people no touch talk or look at her while taking to them far away & having her sit. Friends come to my home I have her sit & will settle down until they move & hell brakes out. Again have her sit & when calm give a treat.
posted on August 21, 2017

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