How can I get my dog to use the restroom outside?

Hello! My dog is an English Bull Dog. She is about a year and a half old. Her previous owner gave her to me about 5 days ago. She told me that she was potty trained but I cannot seem to have her go outside. Me and my fiance let her out consistently throughout the day. When we're on walks she will explore and be more curious rather than do her business. As soon as we come in she'll use the restroom inside. She tends to use the restroom on her bed which completely baffled us. We recently purchased a crate for potty training. She hates going inside of it. It's been a day now and even though we take her outside every hour she will not do her business out there but she will not go inside her crate either. (She's been holding it this entire time) We are completely lost on what to do. Can anyone help? We don't want her to have any bowel/urinary issues because she's refusing to go outside to use it and because she's holding it inside her crate, but we also don't want to let her out into home and have her think it's okay to use the restroom inside.

What I’ve Tried…

Crate Potty Training and Consistent time outside.
posted on June 9, 2017

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