How can I help my young dog?

I have an eight month old pitbull terrier/bully mix and these past two months he has started to become aggressive towards my family members. He wasn't really that aggressive at first but he is starting to scare people, even me. He has not tried to bite me but he scares me because I do not want to see any of my family members getting hurt. Any time someone comes into my room he is on high alert, and if anyone comes onto my bed or even relatively close to me, he tries to bite them, in the face. He has even lunged at my cousin and she was just standing there doing nothing. He is typically a nice dog but he is really overprotective. My mom and sisters are starting to become scared of him. He is even starting to snap at the kids I babysit, so I have to keep him in a separate room. As a younger puppy, I socialized him very well. He is very friendly in public. It's just when he is at home is when he starts to act aggressively. Also, we have other dogs and he does not try to act dominantly towards them. He recognizes our older dog as the alpha and is submissive. However, we have to start feeding him separate because he has become food aggressive. These past two of weeks, he has almost bit four people, and he is sneaky about it. He doesn't growl or give off any warning. He just lunges. No one has been hurt though, just shaken up a bit, but he has come really, really close to getting them. I love this dog very much and he minds rather well, but when it comes to being protective he does not listen. I have tried training him on my own but it is not working. My family is wanting me to put him down because they are scared he is going to hurt someone and that we need to do something before it is too late. I feel hopeless. I need some help on what I need to do. It is breaking my heart because of how much of a good dog he is but is going down a bad path. I have had him since he was nine weeks old and me and my family have bonded with him. I never expected for him to turn out this way. I just need some advice to lead me down the right path on what I need to do for him or if I really need to put him down I really would like to do everything in my power before I make that final decision, but I know sometimes hurtful things are for the best. Thank you for everything in advance!

What I’ve Tried…

I have tried training him myself, but when we go in public, he acts totally different.
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posted on September 20, 2017
Ashlynn Lanae

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