How can I train my dog not to bark hysterically when he wants something?

I adopted a dog about 4 weeks ago. His foster parents said he acted hysterical when they put his leash on. He didn't act hysterical when he first came to live with me, but now that he is comfortable, he does. My dog barks crazily and gets all worked up when I attach his leash to leave the house, as well as when I stop the car to get out. He loves walks, and calms down once we're outside, so I don't understand why he is acting like that. We are both stressed out now.

What I’ve Tried…

For the leash, I tried carrying it around the house and putting it on him around the house, and he is fine with that. It's not until my shoes are on and we are standing by the door that he freaks out. I have tried feeding him treats while I do it, and that subdues him a bit, but not completely. For the car, I have tried getting in and out several times, practicing several sessions just in the driveway where I turn the car on and off and we sit there and read a book. I have tried taking him to parks and running around, so he would associate it with good things. Treats don't help. He still freaks out when the car stops.
posted on June 16, 2017
Lisa Dowling

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