How do I get my dog to go outside when I tell him to?

Ollie is a 6 month old Yellow Lab that weighs about 50 to 60lbs. We just got him about 3 weeks ago. He was living on the street and that might have something to do with it. I have another dog Toby. When I say "outside", Toby rings the bell and I open the door and he goes outside, no problem. Except when Ollie sees Toby go outside, he runs upstairs and looks at us from the upstairs hallway. Finally when we get hold of him, he lays down and won't get up. So we have to carry him down the stairs and force him outside. Also, if he is outside and we open the door, he barges in and runs back upstairs. Please help because I don't know how to train this!!!

What I’ve Tried…

I have tried opening the door and letting him see outside. I did this one time and he eventually went outside. But sometimes we don't have time to do this when I have to go somewhere.
posted on August 3, 2017
Gary green

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