How do I get my dog to stop bullying my other dog?

I have four (all female) dogs- two adults and two 6 month old sisters. The bigger sister, Max, has been very aggressive to her smaller and weaker sister, Xeno, for months now. At first, Max would attack her sister over food. We quickly remedied that, and moved Xeno to a different spot where she wasn't visible to Max. Now, Max will just constantly attack Xeno. We are very concerned for Xeno as she has become very scared and skittish. You should also probably know that all four of the dogs live outside 24/7 in a big, ranch sized property. We also don't use leashes on them, so they are completely free roaming animals.

What I’ve Tried…

When Max attacks Xeno, we'll run outside, break them up, and yell at Max. Afterwards, Max will cry and lay on her back whenever we come close.
posted on August 6, 2017
Alia T

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