How do I get my older dogs to speak appropriate dog language to get our new puppy to back off or stop playing?

We just adopted a male GSD a little over 3 weeks ago. We already have 2 mix breed females, 7 (adopted at 6 months) and 8 years old (adopted at 9 months). Our 8 year old has very little interest in the puppy. When the puppy gets in her face or tries to sit with her she will growl and snarl, but almost never bite. We have to be out of the room they are in for her to correct him. (We adopted her when we were younger and did not know enough about dogs. We really reinforced it to her to never bite. Regretting that now.) Our 7 year old will play with the puppy frequently, but when she is done playing she will not give him any warning that she is done. Out of no where, she will just bark and snap at him, sometimes actually biting him. (Ex. I let everyone outside and we walked back to the bedroom for bedtime. (Puppy sleeps in kennel, dogs sleep on dog bed at foot of bed.) I called puppy to kennel, but he was following the 7 year old. She got on her bed then he sat down next to her and started licking her and she nailed him. I feel like I can read her body language well enough that I have about a 2 second warning that she is done, but how do I get puppy to pick up on this sign?

What I’ve Tried…

8 year old - I have started interfering after she growls and have puppy distracted to do something else. Training, toys, etc. 7 year old - No idea what to do here. Puppy - We are going to start puppy on socialization classes because I want him to understand dog language and I feel like our older dogs are not doing him justice with these mixed signals.
posted on August 8, 2017

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