How do I get my pup to go to the restroom outside? She’s been puppy pad trained.

Hi! So my puppy is a 7 month old terrier mix. I also have a 9 year old rat terrier at home. I usually try to take them outside every couple hours to do their business. They're both potty trained to use puppy pads indoors, but my older one could also go outside, she prefers it. However, with the little one - we could be outside for hours at the park or at an event and she'll hold it until we get home, and she runs to the pads. I'm moving into a new place and I would prefer she start learning to go outside.

What I’ve Tried…

I've tried bringing puppy pads outside to see if it was the scent, but no luck. I'm also waiting on a Fresh Patch to come in to see what'll happen if I remove the pads completely and try to get her to use that. I'm also going to try using the territory marking spray that is supposed to attract them. Currently, I'm trying to crate train her by taking her outside for a good 10-15 minutes and usually since she doesn't go, I'll bring her back inside and put her in the crate. She'll whine for a few minutes but she'll stop eventually and when it's about 15+ minutes I'll take her back outside. I'll do the same when I see her going in the general direction of the puppy pads - if I see her sniffing, I immediately try to walk her. I would try and use the words "go potty" and I would praise my other dog when she does go - hoping that she would copy her but no luck so far.
posted on June 1, 2017
Wendy Nguyen

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