How do I potty train my dog?

Hi, I have been trying to potty train my puppy (16 weeks) for 8 weeks now. I would use a bell and have him ring the bell before I would take him out. But he does make messes at home. He doesn't know when HE wants to go out, HE needs to ring the bell without me telling him to. He has recently pooped in the house and my roommates are threatening to get rid of him if he makes an accident one more time. I've tried all the things other dog owners have recommended to me. I would quickly scoop him up when he was potty-ing in the house and set him out, and when I would find a past mess I wouldn't yell at him. He made many accidents in the house with this method. So I did the thing where whenever I found an accident I would give him a scolding. This has helped a lot, except now when he potties in the house, he does it where I can't see him. I've been bell training him for 8 weeks already. Even though it's not working, I'm afraid to do anything because it might confuse him and have him make more accidents. Please help.

What I’ve Tried…

Being nice, being mean, and bells.
posted on August 6, 2017
Audrey Luma

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