How do you get a skittish, shy,loud at night new dog to settle down?

Hi, so we just got Penny yesterday, I know there needs to be an adjustment period but I still thought I would ask a few questions. First off I am 16 and have wanted a dog for 10+ years, I finally got Penny. We drove 2 hours each way to get her. So first off I love her to death but I am not in the house 24/7 she is very attached to me I left the house for 45 minutes last night and apparently she cried the whole time and she had just gone potty outside. Any advice on how to help her bond with others so she isn't constantly worrying about where I am? Also she is having LOTS of trouble with bed time. We gave her a small nightlight lots of love and a treat but when we left her while she was crated she began crying we tried to ignore her figuring she would settle on her own. She just kept getting louder I eventually just slept next to her, she was still pretty unsettled. I took her out early this morning and she was frantic to go out so maybe she had to go all night but we took her out like an hour or two before bed. I will take away her water before bed to see if it improves but I would really like to see her sleep through the night without barking/whining. I thought about moving her crate to my room so she is less agitated but she is supposed to be a family dog not just mine so my siblings wouldn't like that. UGH and just as I was writing this she went to the door looked clear across the street and went grr at a lady not even in our yard. She doesn't have aggression problems she is just a little unsettled around new people, any advice for that too. I am stumped don't know what to do, please help.

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We got her yesterday so not much.
posted on October 22, 2017

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