How to stop a puppy from whining at night?

We have an 8 week old puppy lab. Due to the fact that we work all day, she has to stay in a crate during the day for periods up to 4 hours. During the night she also stays in her crate since she is not yet house trained. However, the whining has gotten to the point that she will cry for 30 or 45 minutes several times through the night.

What I’ve Tried…

She gets plenty of exercise during the day when we are home and is usually worn out by the time she goes in the crate for the night. We have tried increasing her excercise time and it has not worked. We have not let her out of the crate while she whines but wait for her to stop whining before letting her out and rewarding her. This has not proven to be effective either but has led to longer periods of whining. Should we start over and reintroduce the crate to her with short, frequent trips in and out?
posted on October 6, 2017
Tanner Barton

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