Loud hyperactive big lab introduction to cat

Hi there. I'm trying to introduce my roommates dog to my cat. My cat is completely comfortable with dogs, but my roommates dog has a TON of energy and is a bit crazy. He gets kinda weird with introductions. Even when he met my dog he just got way too excited and barked a lot and charged him. He really wants to play and gets pretty rowdy and rough. He can't understand the idea of being calm. Wondering if you have any suggestions to get them used to each other? He's been friends with a mini poodle so it's not out of the question for him to get along with a small animal. Any suggestions would be HIGHLY appreciated.

What I’ve Tried…

We tried holding the dog and let me cat out of my room but as soon as he saw her he barked a lot and tried to run at her, which spooked my cat to run away.
posted on August 26, 2017

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