My dog is very vocal when playing with others! What can we do to help?

Our 9 month old pitbull/terrier mix is a great dog, but sometimes when we're at the dog park she gets very vocal when playing with other dogs. We know it harmless and it's just her way of playing, but some people just stare at us and her and think she's being vicious. What can we do to help her keep the vocals down?

What I’ve Tried…

I guess nothing really. I mean she's trained all around on the leash, house, tricks, and people skills but this is the only thing we are having lots of trouble with. We have tried to lure her away with treats, but when she starts playing it's hard to get her attention.
posted on September 2, 2017
Justin Cable

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Yep…I have the same problem. Using negative strategies to quieten the dog whilst playing has been interpreted bu him as “Don’t play”, which of course isn’t my intention.

same problem with rewarding him on the rare occasions when he’s playing without growling!

I hope someone can help too.


greg on October 1, 2017

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