Next steps/remedy for crate training a 9 week old puppy.

Hello! I just got my Aussie doodle from the breeder on Wednesday (it is now Saturday so 3 full days together). I've been really working to get him comfortable with his crate, feeding him his meals in there, I took away his additional bed for now to encourage him to go in and out of the crate and throwing toys in there so he'll go in. He isn't necessarily scared of the crate and will sometimes go in and is fine eating his meals in there. However, once I shut the door he whines a little for about 5 minutes but so far I have to be in site. He gets louder if I leave but if I sit next to the crate for now he calms down and falls asleep. Unfortunately, he isn't super motivated by food or treats, so once he calms down and I give him a treat in the crate for being good, he doesn't eat it. He doesn't seem to play with his toys in the crate either, but will play with them outside of the crate. Am I rushing him into crate training? Continue to sit next to him in the crate and extend length of time? Please let me know any tips or tricks for this - thank you SO MUCH!

What I’ve Tried…

- Treats - Toys - Sitting next to him in crate - A treat every 5 minutes in the crate - Eating in crate
posted on September 16, 2017
Kimberly Fox

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