Rescue Dog Won’t Pee/Poo Normally

We have had a new rescue dog (Dalmatian x Lab) for about 5 days. He's shy, but very friendly and seems to be settling in well. The only problem is he won't pee or poo normally. He holds it (usually for 24 hours) and then goes (in or outside of the house if we are luckily on a walk) all at once when he can't hold it anymore. We know this is new behavior because we used to walk him at the shelter and he peed and pooed normally, with us, on his walks. Does he just need time ?

What I’ve Tried…

We try and walk him on a regular schedule, and always about 30 mins after meals. When we aren't in the house, we keep him enclosed in the kitchen/hallway (don't give him access to the rest of the house). On walks I try to take him to the same spots/places where other dogs have marked but it doesn't make a difference. Any thoughts ?
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posted on October 31, 2017
Sydney Triggs

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