Scared dog, no potty training skills

I have had Penny Lane for about 2.5 months. She was a rescue found running free in a local park/forested area, no idea what her history is, she is about a year old. Penny lacks self esteem and is scared of most things although she is very calm and happy while in the house and close to me. However, whenever she is not supervised, she pees and poops in the house and usually eats her poop if I don't catch her. I have taken her to the vet and she is on good health. The next problem is she is afraid to be outside. She will reluctantly go outside and go to the bathroom but it usually takes 2-3 attempts or more to get her to go poop and most times she will come inside and poop more shortly after being outside because she gets so nervous while going outside and always wants to come in before she's really done. She is good about peeing outside but gives no indication whatsoever that she needs to go. So basically I have to take her out all the time and I don't want her to get on that kind of schedule. Here are some things I have tried I love my dog so much but I feel like I'm making no progress with this and any normal training techniques don't work with her because she's afraid of everything. I've been looking at shock collars or clickers or maybe a different bell method but I just don't think anything else will work.

What I’ve Tried…

1. She is in a crate during the day and for the most part does not mess in the crate. That is true for my bed as well although she did have an accident on the bed today. If she doesn't go potty outside in the morning or when I get home from work I put her in the crate and try again in a little while. Usually this does the trick but she's still doing the eliminate outside and still go inside shortly after. 2. I say go outside and use positive reinforcement when she goes to the bathroom. I practically throw a party every time. 3. I've tried potty bells, she's afraid of them. 4. I've tethered her to me, confined her to small spaces close to me (which totally scares the crap out of her), tethered her to things near me so I can watch her. She has pooped in the small confined spaces I have confined her to right when I have my back turned. 5. She's also afraid of the wood floors, my boots, pretty much any loud noise or object in a place that is t familiar.
posted on April 19, 2017
Katelynn Coghlan

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