Should I keep her??

I am in desperate need of advice! I recently was given a 10 month old boxer puppy (she's huge). I have two little girls one being 4 and one 6. We haven't had her quite a week and we all love her sooo much! She had a great temperament and never jumps on the kids or growls or shows any sort of aggression toward them. The only downside is I notice that she never wants to leave the kids when it's time for bed! She absolutely loves them. She gets extremely hyper and doesn't want to come downstairs with me. This is where the dilemma comes in. Last night she bit my 4 year old on the behind as she was leaving upstairs and coming into my room to tell me something. No skin broken no bleeding but two little red marks that went away like 30 mins later. So I'm thinking she hit her with her mouth (side) she does this often while playing with me she NEVER bites me even if I stick my hand in mouth to grab something out..but she will hit with the side of her mouth while playing. I'm praying that's what it was but to actually see the marks is what worried me. By no means and I willing to put the dog over my children she will go if she needs to. Even after this they both want to keep her. I personally don't think it was out of aggression but their father is pretty mad! The reason this comes back to my diagnosis is I truly feel like the few days that I have had her she has improved my moods EXTREMELY! I want to keep her but I don't want to do it for selfish reasons. I do feel like she is a good girl and with more training even more well behaved (she even listens to the girls) but I know she can become better. Any advice would be so appreciated.

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Putting her outside for the night
posted on August 2, 2017

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