Training dog to potty in command?

Haley is a 1 year old German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix who was adopted from the pound 3 weeks ago now. We have had a lot of trouble with her bathroom habits. She stays in the house and we take her out for potty breaks. She's only had one accident in the house and seems to prefer going outside instead anyway. However, she is so picky when it comes to when and where to go. She will hold it from 10pm and not go until 12pm or so the next day. Instead, sometimes when we take her out, Haley will just stand there and look around for about 10-20 minutes until I've had enough and am too frustrated to wait any longer.

What I’ve Tried…

I take Haley out on a leash that can extend to about 20 feet. After doing some research, I would love to teach her to potty on command. So, when she does finally go I give the command "go potty" right as she goes and then treat when she finishes. We then take a short walk so she can sniff around as a reward. On those instances she never goes, I give her about 10 minutes and then we go straight inside and she goes to the laundry room (her room) without a treat and we try again later.
posted on May 14, 2017

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We do go on walks daily!

Miranda on May 14, 2017

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