Easter Tips for Your Dog from CDT!

April 16, 2014 by Damian Davis
Categories: Holidays,Travel,Fun,Behavior,Tips

Fun for the two-legged kids on Easter weekends can cause stress and harm to our four-legged children. Between Easter baskets full of candy (usually chocolate), dyed or plastic eggs hidden in the yard, and friends and family coming and going all day, we need to be proactive towards our pups.


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A Puppy’s Life: Hard Decisions and Starting a New Chapter

January 14, 2014 by Damian Davis
Categories: New Dog,Daycare,Behavior,Training,Tips

I want to share a story w ith everyone that for most professional dog trainers would have been swept under the rug, or glossed over. Our main goal here at Creative Dog Training is Helping Dogs through Educating People, so everyone here felt compelled to make sure this story was told. It involves...

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A Puppy’s Life Part 2: A Day at Dog Daycare

November 07, 2013 by Damian Davis
Categories: New Dog,Behavior,Training

Now that you know what the morning in the life of Turbo is like, I want to walk you through a typical day at Creative Dog Training while participating in Intensive Daycare. If you missed Turbo’s morning, you can read that here: A Morning in the Life of Chaos - A Puppy's Life

After the kids and dog...

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A Morning in the Life of Chaos - A Puppy’s Life

October 03, 2013 by Damian Davis
Categories: New Dog,Behavior,Training,Tips

I would like to take you guys through a typical day in my life. My wife (Brandy, a teacher) and I h ave three kids: Cooper (8), Lily (6), and Charley (2). We recently decided to get a puppy. Enter Turbo – a bright, playful, and energetic twelve-week-old Havanese.

We start our morning routine...

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