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What Is The Best Age to Start Training My Dog?

September 05, 2014 by Margaret Davis
Categories: New Dog,Tricks,Training

Clients often ask me, "When should I start training my dog? Can old dogs learn new tricks?" The truth is, if you are living with your dog you are already training her! Every word, every, touch, every interaction of any kind is dog training. The real question is what is your dog learning? To...

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CDT Meets Pig!

July 16, 2014 by Margaret Davis
Categories: New Dog,Fun,Training

I have been blessed to work with lots of different dogs in my career - from working with sick dogs at my father's veterinary office, to show dogs here at Creative Dog Training. Last week, I met Pig (The Unusual Dog). Pig is a female mixed-breed dog born with "short spine syndrome". She was born in...

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Puppy License

June 11, 2014 by Margaret Davis
Categories: Respect,New Dog,Behavior

You will find this useful whether you just brought your dog home or have been living with your dog for 12 years!

Take a sheet of paper – one for each of your dogs. Write at the top of each page the words 'Puppy License'. In the middle of the page write your dog’s name. Fold the paper and put it...

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