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Puppy License

June 11, 2014 by Margaret Davis
Categories: Respect,New Dog,Behavior

You will find this useful whether you just brought your dog home or have been living with your dog for 12 years!

Take a sheet of paper – one for each of your dogs. Write at the top of each page the words 'Puppy License'. In the middle of the page write your dog’s name. Fold the paper and put it...

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My Dog is a Jerk! - My New Years Resolution Update

February 06, 2014 by Kathleen McAlister
Categories: Respect,Resolutions,Tips

Zoey is a two-year-old Boxer/Bulldog mix.

Zoey chews on anything that comes near her mouth (eating flower petals wh ile walking past a vase on the coffee table is a favorite of mine).

Zoey takes bones from the other dogs (from between their own two paws). 

Zoey is a jerk.


Sometimes her behavior...

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How to Catch Your Dog, the Easy Way

January 29, 2014 by Margaret Davis
Categories: Respect,Fun,Behavior,Tips

Have you ever watched someone try to catch a dog? Or maybe you have experienced this yours elf! Some dogs enjoy the game of it. Some dogs have been unintentionally taught that being caught leads to unpleasant things. Some dogs just have something they would rather do in the moment. It is important...

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