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Thanksgiving and Your Dog, Everything You Need to Know

November 20, 2013 by Margaret Davis
Categories: Holidays,Travel,Behavior,Tips

I think it is wonderful that we are including our dogs more in our holiday plans! It makes sense that the better your planni ng and preparation, then the smoother the holiday will go. Think of the hours that go into planning the guest list, the menu, the shopping, the decorating, and the cooking....

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Moving With Your Dog

November 14, 2013 by Conor Davis
Categories: New Dog,Travel,Fun,Tips

Moving is stressful for everyone, but moving with a dog can be especially stress ful for them. I recently moved into an older apartment in the city from a house in the suburbs, and during that process I had to take my 2 older dogs (plus my girlfriend’s regularly-visiting American bulldog) into...

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The use of retractable leashes in dog training

January 31, 2009 by Margaret Davis
Categories: Travel,Training,Tips

Retractable leashes need to come with a warning: ‘Avoid use on un-trained dogs’!

Every activity you do with your dog is a dog training exercise. Think about what using a retractable leash trains your dog to do. The use of this leash encourages your dog to move away from you!

You take your dog...

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