Easter Tips for Your Dog from CDT!

Easter Tips for Your Dog from CDT!

April 16, 2014 by Damian Davis
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Fun for the two-legged kids on Easter weekends can cause stress and harm to our four-legged children. Between Easter baskets full of candy (usually chocolate), dyed or plastic eggs hidden in the yard, and friends and family coming and going all day, we need to be proactive towards our pups.

First, let’s deal with the danger in the baskets. Chocolate will cause upset stomachs, diarrhea, and if the chocolate is of a high enough cocoa content percentage, it can cause death.


Our Quick Tips for Prevent Easter Basket Issues:

  • Have your pups on leash where you can see them 
  • Make sure everyone knows the problems candy can cause 
  • Know how to use the command “Leave It”.

Our Tips to Avoid Problems with Easter Eggs: 

Next, let’s tackle the issue of dyed and plastic Easter eggs hidden in the yard and house. I know this will add a step to your hiding, but make sure you have an accurate count of how many of each are hidden. While hardboiled eggs are not a bad thing for them to eat, they can cause diarrhea. The plastic ones are much more of an issue. They are usually filled with candy or money, which can cause a far worse problem if our pup gets a hold of one.

  • Use the leash during the hunt (either held by a child during the hunt of a parent watching the fun go down)
  • If you can't use the leash at this time, the pup can use this as down time in their kennel. It’s not mean to exclude the pup from the fun, especially if the pup isn’t ready to handle all that activity. It is much better to put them in confinement until later, than to be upset with their behavior during the hunt.
  • Include your dog in the fun! You could also hide bones or treats in the yard for your dog to hunt. Including the pup in the fun always makes it more enjoyable.

Our Tips to Help Interactions with Family and Friends:

Third, and probably the hardest problem, will be handling other children and family members that come over to enjoy Easter with you.

  • Seems like a reoccurring theme, but your leash and collar MUST be used to ensure a happy interaction between pup and visitors.
  • A bowl of puppy treats by the front door to be used by visitors will help break the ice.
  • If your dog doesn't get people food, make sure everyone knows. And knows why. (Worst case scenario, make a little sign, note or sticker you dog wears remin


Remember that it’s almost impossible to train as all this commotion is going on, so make mental notes of what commands and situations are working and which need work. Stay positive and have fun. Remember that every interaction with your dog IS training. It’s up to you if it’s good or bad training!

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