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Our Dog Daycare Program is the fun, safe alternative to leaving your dog home alone. And if you need a little brush up on training, our Intensive Daycare program can give your dog a little boost in manners.

Our Mission and Goals for CDT Doggie Daycare

  • A Tired Dog!
  • Socialization, and friendly dog behavior
  • Play Groups Designed around your dog, and her personality
  • Use Natural Play Rhythms to Make a More Tired Dog
  • EXCLUSIVE Tired Dog Guarantee
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What People Are Saying about Our Dog Daycare:

When pets are like you children then Creative Dog Training is like your family. We have been with them for 22 years now. The staff of Creative Dog Training has smiled with us with the addition of new puppies and held our hand at other times. Thank You Creative Dog Training for all you do for our us.

-Angie J

Thank you for training Caesar. Since going to Creative Dog Training, Caesar has been the best, most obedient dog we've ever had. He's good with strangers and kids, and follows commands without a problem. I have recommended CDT to several of my friends and would continue to do so.


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How is CDT Dog Daycare Different?

After 40 years of training dogs, and 20+ years of doing Doggie Daycare in Birmingham, we have learned that safe, effective Dog Daycare is about using dog's natural play rhythms and behaviors to get tired, happy and better dogs.

For that reason, we DO NOT use "all day play" or "cage free" programs. These types of programs do offer a few benefits, but when consistently working to improve dogs we have learned that building shorter play groups designed around each dog's play style is much more effective in making a dog both tired and more social at the end of the day. Using shorter play sessions with regular breaks for private naps and rest allows energy use based on your dog's natural approach to activity. And making groups around dog play styles gives your dog a chance to meet new dogs regularly throughout the day and each time she is at doggie daycare, rather than always being with the same dogs, and forming a pack (which is not socialization).

If you'd like more details on picking the right Dog Daycare, check out our podcast on Picking a Dog Daycare!!

  Regular Dog Daycare Intensive Dog Daycare
No. of Play Sessions 3 3
No. of Training Sessions 0 4
Unlimited Monthly Membership* $18/day ($475) $30/day ($825)
20 Visit Pass
(50 Day Expiration)
$20/day ($400) $35/day ($700)
5 Visit Pass $35/day ($175) $50/day ($250)
Drop In Day of Daycare $45 $65
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NEW Unlimited Monthly Membership* for Daycare

• Unlimited Daycare Every Month for your dog. 
• Get Half Price Baths ANY day of the week! (Not just Wednesday!)
• $25 off Unlimited Membership for a second dog

*Per dog, on days Daycare is offered. Charged Automatically on 1st or 15th of month to required payment method on file.

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