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Good Games to Play with Your Dog

Categories: games,training

Good Games to Play with Your Dog

Length: 18:37
Categories: games,training

Today Margaret and Damian will be talking about a very fun subject; Good Games to Play with Your Dog!
We understand you are more likely to spend more time playing with your dog than training.
And to be honest, we think that's the best thing you can do.
We believe one of the most successful ways to train your dog is while playing games. As long as you play them correctly!
We will give you tips and rules to play common games like tug of war and wrestling as well as how to teach a solid and happy come when called, plus some fun games for the kids and whole family to join in!

Enjoy, and if you have questions or comments, please visit us and post a question on our message board at www.creativedogtraining.com

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