CDT Adult Dog Training Equipment Kit

Price $125.00

This package will carry many of the tools you will need as you go through CDT's training programs all in one group!

  • This training package includes your choice of:
    • Training Collar
    • Martingale Collar Hand Made in Alabama
    • Gentle Leader Head Halter
  • As well as:
    • One 15' Cotton Long Line
    • One 6' Custom-Made Leather Leash
    • One 16 oz. bag of Liver flavored Charlee Bears
    • One 8 oz. Bitter Apple
    • A 15 minute Skype or phone call with one of our trainers to help you kick start your training with your pup!

Step 1: Collar Type:

Required: Please Select the Type of Training Collar Desired for Your Training Package

Step 2: Dog Size:

Required: Please Select Your Dogs Size so that We Can Include Just the Right Sized Collar