Kathleen McAlister

- Marketing and
Community Outreach Coordinator -
- Digital Production -

About Me

I dabble in marketing, community outreach, digitial production, and chaos control.

My Pets

I have the funniest 3-year-old boxer/bull mastiff/bulldog/lab/something mix. She likes splashing in water, car rides, snuggles, chewing things to pieces, and being directly underfoot at most times.

Zoey face!

Why I Love CDT

I never really liked dogs much until I met Creative Dog Training staff dogs. I didn't hate them, I just didn't know any I liked. Turns out, I just knew terrible dog owners. Now that I have Zoey, I understand the joys of having a dog in my life! A well trained dog.

Too many dogs are abandoned due to problems that could be corrected. CDT’s mission to help dogs through educating people is a mission I can whole-heartedly stand behind.