When you want your dog to have fun during the day, while you’re away!

Our Daycare Program is the fun, safe alternative to leaving your dog home alone. And if you need a little brush up on training, our Intensive Daycare program can give your dog a little boost in manners.

  Regular Dog Daycare Intensive Dog Daycare
No. of Play Sessions 3 3
No. of Training Sessions 0 4
1 Visit of Dog Daycare $35 $50
5 Visits of Dog Daycare $30/Visit ($150) $45/Visit ($225)
20 Visits of Dog Daycare
(45 Day Expiration)
$20/Visit ($400) $35/Visit ($700)
20 Visits of Dog Daycare
(NO Expiration!)
$25/Visit ($500) $40/Visit ($800)
Basic Manners
Special Requests on
Training Issues
Daily Report Card
Daily Pictures Online
Dog Socialization
People Socialization
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Daycare can be a fun way to let your dog spend the day, but it can also be rewarding for you too! When your dog is with us for daycare, he will not only get much needed exercise, we also work to reinforce basic manners and most importantly basic respect. We definitely do things a little differently when it comes to how we handle the dogs. We work to reinforce your dog's manners while with us, like walking politely on leash, and not jumping so that you get a dog that is just as good, if not better than when you dropped him off.

One of the most important things that sets our daycare program apart from others is how we run our play groups.

Your dog will not "be out all day."

We have learned in our 15+ years of offering group play programs like this that dogs out all day not only become less tired and more energized, but they also form a pack of dogs rather than a social group (a pack is fine, until you introduce a new dog...).

We separate our play sessions throughout the day letting your dog follow his natural tendency for activity then rest and then activity then rest, etc.

We separate our playgroups not just by size and how they play, but we work to create groups that the dogs play BEST in. Matching them with dogs they both know and like as well as different dogs that play similarly.

Being able to tailor groups to individual dogs is a major benefit to doing play like we do.

This means that you can expect a nicely tired dog when he comes home!

And as a side note, we like everyone to be aware that they may come home a bit thirsty, because even though they have constant access to water throughout the day, they may forget to drink since they are so busy having fun!