How do I crate train my dog to not whine when I leave the house when he’s used to being crated with other dogs?

I adopted my 5-month-old puppy from a foster family where he was crate trained with his brother. The two of them always went in the same crate together. Now that I have just one of the puppies, I have been re-training him. He is comfortable being in his crate with the door closed, even if I'm in the other room. However, as soon as I leave my apartment, he whines and barks. (He is fine being left with other people, just not completely alone.)

What I’ve Tried…

I've tried crating him with toys, treats, his food, but as soon as I leave the front door, none of those things keep him occupied. I've only tried for 10 minutes at a time. When I come back in, I don't acknowledge him or give praise until he's quiet and calmed down, so as not to reward the whining.
posted on October 9, 2017
Annie Rygiol

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