How to stop a dog jumping up and biting/nipping

About a month ago my mum and I rehomed a dog from a local dog shelter. He is a very friendly and loving dog but we have came across a few serious problems. He likes to jump up when he is greeting someone but when he does we immediately turn our backs and he very quickly gets the message that he has to be on all fours or even sitting to get the attention that he desires. He is only about a year old and still shows a lot of behavioural problems that a puppy would have, we are assuming he was never trained that it was wrong. A lot of the time he gets far too over excited and starts biting and pulling at our shoes, socks, ankles, clothes etc. We understand his behaviour isn't necessarily aggressive and he is just trying to play like puppies do but he is an adult size now and it is dangerous because a lot of the time he manages to get our skin. We believe he is a whippet X collie and have also been told it may be in his nature to try and herd us and that's what he's trying to do. Either way we really need help because we want to keep this dog because he is lovely and has so much potential. He also has been neutered but it didn t seem to have any difference in these circumstances.

What I’ve Tried…

We have tried 'yelping' or 'shouting' like a puppy would when it gets hurt and then leaving the room but it never works, he just either keeps biting at us or he just continues when we come back in the room. We have tried sternly telling him 'no' but that simply had no effect.
posted on June 5, 2017

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