My 1 year old Pit I just rescued knows how to potty outside but she doesn’t know how to tell us

We just make sure we take her out every hour or two. She has had a few accidents in the house if we wait to long. How do we teach her to let us know when she has to go out? I am always looking for signals but she really gives us none,

What I’ve Tried…

At this point after listening to the podcast we are using "Go outside" so she knows when we are going out then I take her to her potty spot and when she looks like she has to go I say"go potty go potty go potty" and I praise and treat if she does it on command. I think she is getting the command to go when I tell her.
posted on August 8, 2017
Kim Standley

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Have you listened to the podcast on using the bell to go outside? I’ve included the link below.

What we have found to be successful is using the same door each and every time we go outside to potty. We also ask that our puppy sits before we go outside. He has now learned to go to the door and sit without being prompted when he needs to be let out. Took us about 2 weeks to get him to that point.

Nicki on August 8, 2017

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